weight distribtion hitch.

Not new to RVing, but recently back into it. Going to purchase a 28 foot travel trailer and would like to know preferences for weight distribution hitches and their cost. Tongue weight would not be more than 1390 trailer weight around 7900. Being towed by a Ram 2500 heavy duty with a hemi.
Would appreciate any info.


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Re: weight distribtion hitch.

with a 2500 RAM you should not have any problem. IMP but I am sure you will get a better detail form some other RVers who pull a TT . good luck
Re: weight distribtion hitch.

General rule of thumb is that the tongue weight should be between 10 to 15% of the gross weight. The tongue weight you have described exceeds the 15% max and therefore I would suggest using a weight distribution hitch or see if you can redistribute the weight to get it in that 10-15% range. You will find the handling characteristics will be much better and may reduce the risk of structural damage to your truck.