Weight, length and towing, advice needed

Towing vehicle NissanTitan Endurance 5.8L V8 4x2with towing package, 5000lb airbags. Towing rating approx 9500lbs. Need a bigger Travel trailer than we have now (Trail Lite 8304S, 30'8") Looked into JaycoEagle 314BHS GVW7500lbs 33'11",Hornet 30BHS 6900lbs 33', Homestead29bhs 7170lbs 31'11". Diffences are not that much on paper how much would it be for towing purposes. Please advise,like the Eagle the best, suits the family better family of 5+1 (inlaw) at times parents and always extra kids friends.
Also comment on quality of brands if known, since it will be our second....like to upgrade not move laterally if possible.
Weight, length and towing, advice needed

All I can say is "do the math". With a 9500 lb limit on the Nissan and the weight of your passengers, I believe you are pushing the limits on the Nissan. Best you look into a bigger (better) vehicle to go along with the additional weight of your upgrade.



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Weight, length and towing, advice needed

Even if that truck can safely tow 9500lbs (and I rather doubt it), that small a gas engine will likely have trouble towing even 6500 pounds up a hill (my 6.0L gas engine did).
Weight, length and towing, advice needed


I have the same Jayco trailer that you are looking at. If you get it, you will love it, but I tow it with a 3/4 ton Ford Excursion. The dry/empty weight of this trailer is in the 7500 lb range. I beleive the GVW is 9400 lbs. This trailer will push your tow vehicle right into whatever you're trying to avoid in a panic stop situation. This doesn't look like a good vehicle combination to me.

Good luck and please be safe!