Well-designed Motorhomes

My wife and I are looking for a smallish motorhome--class C. What we see is a lot of appalling taste and poor choices of materials, with indifferent workmanship. Our taste runs to modern, without a lot of misplaced historic details (no fake victorian wall sconces!).

What kind of suggestions do you have? The new, small Airstream Bambi's are very appealling, but we think we want a drivable one.


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Well-designed Motorhomes

If you really want a small one, check out the Sportsmobile class B. They will customise it any way you want.
Well-designed Motorhomes

We should form our own revolt against RV designers...where do they come up with those colors/designs/wallpaper & borders?!! :evil: :( :dead:
We have Class C Four Winds that I promptly pulled off bedspread & curtains; replaced with some I bought. Used pillows/throws to disguise the terrible black/brown couch.
But...here's best thought....we found salvage RV places in IN and I understand they are everywhere. Lots of new stock where we replaced light fixtures, medicine cabinets, etc. They even carry new or used furniture of all styles. Just a thought... Never thought I'd get excited about going to salvage, but I'm looking forward to another trip...loads of ideas, price is super right, and when I have the RV with me, I just carry item out to check the "fit".
Our Class C is by Thor Industries; we have had "0" warranty work, it does NOT rattle (unless hubby forgets to close his closet) and has been a joy to travel in. :) :laugh: :approve: :approve:


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Well-designed Motorhomes

Four Winds, where is that salvage place or what is it's name. We have been wanting to get rid of our Ugly "J" couch ever since we bought the motor home. One of the things we overlooked before we bought it. It is the most uncomfortable piece of furniture we have ever sat on and sleeping on it is a joke. When I called Fleetwood some limp wristed sounding guy told me that I just didn't understand modern fashion. Yea, right. Bet he goes camping all the time.

Would love to find a nice solid colored hide-a-bed without having to buy a new one.