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This past weekend we took off for the coast, down to Morro Bay. Stayed at Morro Dunes RV Park, which is located almost on the water (separated by a small paved road and the dunes). The weather was great with no morning or evening fog and the temp. up to the 80's during the day. We had a reservation to take an evening tour of the Hearst Castle in San Simeon. Our first time. It was a great experience and we were treated like guests to a party instead of tourists. Our guide was outstanding and knew more about the Hearst family than I ever expected. The town of Morro Bay sits on the waters edge and has numerous shops and restaurants. No crowds and great food. A Thomas Kinkade gallery in town set me back a few $.
All in all, a very good weekend and can't wait for another one.

C Nash

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Good to hear that you had a good trip scotter. Yep, them Kinkades can set you back some $$$ but, they are great. We like the Lee Roberson pictures.
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I hear his work of the Smokies is great.
We've got a couple more spots for some paintings and I hope that's it !
It kinda looks like well go back in Feb. for some sort of gallery event.
The trip was the best part though. Just a little cleanup and I'm ready to go again..
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As a summer vacation my parents would take us on an annual vacation to Lake Shasta. One year (yrs ago) a couple buddies and I left the lake and climbed Mt. Shasta. Great views and quite challenging. Had to come down in a hurry because a storm was moving in. I love the Shasta Cascades. Still go there every year for a week or two camping and boating.