WFCO electric steps


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I have a 2003 sunseeker and the steps will not work.I have the manual that came with the rv and it is for a WFCO #WF9900 step.Does anyone have any idea where you can get parts for this thing.


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I had an 03 South Wind and I kept them cleaned and lubricated. Now I can only assume you have power to the steps. If power is not an issue try this, take a small hammer and tap the joints when they fold up, then spray some WD 40 on the joints, then see if that breaks them loose. Some time they just need cleaning. I would say the step are the least part on the maintenance list.


well ,, hollis is right ,, steps need maint. too ,, but IMO ,, u have a fuse or a motor bad ,, tap on the motor and see if it works ,, BTW if u need parts for them PM me ,, i have afew in stock for ur steps ,, if not i can suggest a good rv parts warehouse that i use ,, don't want to put it on here due to the privacy and spam stuff ,, i might get banned for posting it LOL ,, but i am willing to help u