What Generator to buy?

Hi Everyone,

This seems like a nice place.

My wife and I finally bought a travel trailer, a 2004 Keystone Hornet Hideout.
Here is my first question...
It did not come with a generator. It obviously has the compartment for one and has a start switch and hour meter inside. It also has an auxiliary fuel tank that has a fuel line run to the compartment. I looked under the chassis and saw an electrical box near the compartment, I am assuming it has the wiring needed to hook up a genny.
So... with all that said, what are my best options?

From what I can tell I need at least a 3000watt to run air conditioning.
Honda makes a nice 3000eu (?) or something like that.
Should I just buy an Onan?
Where would you suggest I buy it?
I stopped in at a local RV dealer and received no help. :(

I sure would like the convenience of an integrated genny, but I don't know the costs or where to buy one from.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Re: What Generator to buy?

You are not going to be able to use a stand alone generator, like the Honda 3000eu or Kipor 3000. To install a gen. in the cabinet, you will need an Onan or Generac that is designed to be mounted permanently.

You could of course use the Honda or Kipor, just not in your cabinet. Not hardwired.
Re: What Generator to buy?

thanks for the quick reply...
yeah, i should of been more clear. I wasn't thinking of trying to mount a stand alone in there. Just looking for options. Onan and Generac are the only genny brands that i know of to put in the cabinant. Where would i look to purchase one? What is a good price? A Honda 3000 runs around $2k, i have no idea what an Onan runs.
Re: What Generator to buy?

one more thing :)

if a built in was too much $, i did have thoughts about creating a quick hook up system that would allow me to put a genny outside and hook the electric start to the switch in the rv.
ever heard about trying that?

Does anyone run a Honda eb series, they are a bit cheaper it looks.


Re: What Generator to buy?

You will be able to buy a Generac for less money than Onan, and Generac is a larger company. My guess, and yes it is a guess, the Onan will run 3,000 where as the Generac will run about 2,300-2,500.

A Honda stand alone can be bought for $1,700.00. A Kipor will run $1,495.00, but Kipor is going up in price next month $150.00. My guess is that Honda will have to go up soon also.

I can get you a Kipor delivered to you door. If interested, let me know and I will tell you how.
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Grandview Trailer Sa - 1/22/2008 7:33 PM

The Honda 3000 does have an optional remote start. Don't know if that interests you or not. Don't know the cost of that.
yes it really does.
this would give me more versatility yet allow me to roll over in bed to to shut off the genny :)
Re: What Generator to buy?

Grandview Trailer Sa - 1/22/2008 7:31 PM

I can get you a Kipor delivered to you door. If interested, let me know and I will tell you how.
if i go this route will it come with detailed instructions?
In other words, will it show me how to properly mount it in the cabinant? I am assumng i would have to drill a hole and the muffler would sit below? Wirring diagrams and that sort of thing?
Am i better off just taking it to a dealer?
I am a contractor and thus have a skill set and tools needed, i just haven't any experience with rv's. ;)
Obviously i would like to pull it in my shop and do the work myself, but maybe it's not worth the hassle.
What do you think?
Re: What Generator to buy?

Like I said in my first response, the Kipor is not designed to be hard wired in the cabinet. It will power your trailer, but through the power cord. Like the Honda.

You will have to talk to a Honda dealer about the remote for it. I have seen it online, but can't get it for you.