What happened to my PINK MOLD post?


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I can't seem to find my post I put in here a few minutes ago?
Where did it go?
Did I place it in the wrong place?
Did I do something wrong?

Please at least let me know what happened.
My wife and I are trying to find a reputable place that will take care of us and our issue.


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Let's try this again. This what I posted and it was removed.

Ceiling Pink Mold Issues

Hi I'm new this forum and looking to gain information on a RV facility that does "outstanding" work at repairing ceilings in our Class A coach.

After a water leak was found above our passenger seat in our coach. Our local RV dealer (Poulsbo RV Sumner, WA) found a seam coming loose on our roof. They only replaced the cubby above the passenger seat and opened up the area above the seat in the ceiling to dry it out. They did not examine the rest of the ceiling. After a few months after that repair we discovered pink mold spreading in the rest of our celling leading all the way to our bedroom in the back of our RV.

Since our RV is a 2020 their is no manufacture warranty nor does our extended warranty we purchased at time of sale cover this mold issue.

We even reached out to our insurance company and they will NOT cover this. So we are on our own.

Our dealer said that they can perform the repair in removing and replacing the entire ceiling or Fleetwood's REV RV in Oregon can do it. Under warranty we had a list of 21 items for REV RV when we went there a few years ago and we were very disappointed with the service we received and their lack of customer service and attention to detail! It was a nightmare.... our vehicle was a mess when we got it back after 3 months at their facility. They damaged several items while it was there for repairs. When we asked what happened they made excuses and gave us the run around.

This is our first RV and we love it... however, it has been a real education/challenge in finding out who is "really great at their craft and really cares about doing the job right the first time." Talk is cheap, actions speak louder than words.

We are willing to drive a great distance to receive quality service in our ceiling repair.

We are looking for great recommendations please.

We live here in Seattle, WA and also outside of Phoenix, AZ too.

This is what's happening to the ceiling...