What is CCCS ?

I was reading a post with the abreviation " CCCS". I had
no idea what most of the other abreviations meant so I
guess I didn't understand the conversation.

It was almost like the conversation was in pig latin. I guess
I need to learn more about the RV terms.

At the Boeing Company, I used the term "BTWN" meaning
"between", when I was an inspector. Maybe I can start a new
abreviation here



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Re: What is CCCS ?

Now Trevor now are you talking about me and Rods spelling???? Now you know we only to school for lunch and playing and then for the girls. :laugh: :laugh:
Re: What is CCCS ?

Hollis I cannot read in the daytime as I went to night school :blush: :blush: :blush: (I failed kindergarten and lunch time.(making up for it now ) Regards BIG BILKO :) :) :)

C Nash

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Re: What is CCCS ?

Fred, CCC stands for cargo carring capacity. I can only guess what the S stands for :eek: :laugh: Maybe it's whats in the black holding tank :laugh: