what kind of truck to get?


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i love classic trucks and im thinking of getting one (1968-1980) to haul my 2005 30' fifth wheel. im concerned the older trucks might not be up to the task. if anyone has any suggestions on the type of truck i should get id be real thankful....thanks again.


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Re: what kind of truck to get?

The older trucks may not have the tow package available on more recent trucks, and their capabilites may be less than the equivalent modern truck (for sure the ones this year :) ). So if you needed a 3/4 ton in 2005, you will probably need a 1 ton from that era.

If the truck is pre-unleaded gas, you may want to redo the valve seats. I understand that the lack of lead in modern fuel causes them to wear quickly. Personally, I would go for a complete engine rebuild unless you knew it had plenty of life in it still.

Make sure their GVWR, CVWR, and front/rear GAWR will handle your trailer. And make sure they have enough engine to get that trailer up a hill. Probably your best bet is a manual transmission; if not, be sure to add the biggest transmission cooler you can find and a transmission temperature gauge. You may want to get or rebuild the rear end with 'towing' gears. Probably want to go over the suspension with a fine tooth comb and replace anything which is worn, particularly in the rear.

You'll need to add the hitch, wiring harness and trailer brake control probably.

I'm partial to the Chevy trucks of that era. The 68 and 69 and possibly a few more years seem (or at least used to be) to be much sought after by collectors, so they will probably be harder to find and pricier than later years. I've never had good luck with Fords. In particular, their trucks of that era were way tough, but the front suspension gave me problems. Straight ahead, they were bulletproof, but turned, a dandilion would knock it out of allignment. And you allign it by bending things... Dodge seems to have had body problems in that era.