What Make/Model is This?

I acquired a travel trailer from someone who inherited it, thus no paperwork. The thing is, there is no info. anywhere (that I can find) on the trailer. No make, no model, no VIN. I have searched the web for something similar (using the pinstripes, interior design, etc.) and the closest I can find is a Recreation by Design model. (The only info. I DO have on my model is that it was MAYBE built between 1985 and 1995). Doesn't help much, does it. I will try to upload a photo for any RV forensics expert out there who might figure this out!

I figured out the ALBUM, so to view, please locate the ALBUM for Katana!
Hopefully, I will find out exactly what this is!



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It should have some type of id on it ,, did u ck underneith on the frame ,, they usally have a tag welded to the inner side of the frame next to the tongue ,, it should tell u year and weight ,, but if can post pics ,, i think Grandview could figure it out.... :approve:
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I have some thoughts...maybe...from searching the net and trying to match the pinstripes and interior...etc.
Possibilities: Recreation by Design/Luxury by Design?
Franklin - really close in body? Dutchmen - body close? ATS Royal Voyager - least similar in body, but interior was very close?
(The RBD/LBD and Franklin were on ebay today and their photos were the closest to mine in appearance.)
Makes it difficult not knowing a year, too. I was told by the previous owner he thought it was an 85 (no particular reason he thought that, just did..and he only owned it a short while, having inherited it with some land he purchased.) Some of the things, like windows and cabinetry in mine seem more 90's, though.
I appreciate any ideas and suggestions! View the Album and see what you can come up with!


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What shows in that picture is a design that has been very popular for many years. I can't imagine how anyone could do more than to just guess based upon that. Have you looked inside of every cabinet and cupboard or closet? I have never heard of any RV that did not have certain labels in them which are required to be there. The weight stickers will nearly always tell who made the RV. There should also be information on the frame or tongue somewhere and it has to have a VIN somewhere on the frame. There has to have been paperwork somewhere. Do you know who it was registered to and where? The first thing is to get a duplicate of the registration and title. As it is, you won't be able to register it or to take it on the road or even to buy insurance for it.

Did you get this from someone that you know? If not, I would wonder if it might be stolen? What other reason would there be to remove all of the many different locations that have the VIN, the manufacturer and the model?
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Its a newer model so the serial # is on the frame. Your State Police office can give you an idea where to look. Once you have the Vin you can contact the last state to license it and get all the info they have on it.