What name of Travel Trailor to buy or not to buy

[Kathy & Wayne] Hi, we would appreciate any information anyone can give us in buying our first travel trailor. We have looked at Salem , Fleetwood, Jayco, Citation and Prowler to name a few. Although they all have nice ones one dealer will tell scarey things about the other. We are looking at slide outs and don't want to regret our decision. We have our eyes on a salem but have heard they wouldn't hold up like a jayco. Please give us any help that you can as we want to buy something this week for holidays starting next week. Thank you so much for your time.

C Nash

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What name of Travel Trailor to buy or not to buy

Hello Kathy & Wayne
I like Jayco and their reputation but they did not have a floor plan we really liked when we purchased our 5th wheel two years ago. We bought a Cougar278 fifth wheel with slide and have not had any major problems. Everything has worked as expected and no horrow stories. The Cougar is made by Keystone and I believe the Salem is also. Take your time in making a decision and do a lot of looking. I think Keystone makes a very good entry level unit. Good luck and happy camping
What name of Travel Trailor to buy or not to buy

I agree Jayco is a fine unit in my opinion,however we wanted something smaller.We bought a Sunline and have been very happy with it.Dealers are mostly on the East Coast,since the factory is in Pa.Workmanship is tops,as are the appliances,but discounts are only about 18-20%.Salem by Forest River looks good but has a bad reputation,uses lots of cheesy Korean Appliances and extensive use of pressed wood in the ones I have seen.New Fleetwood products seem to have quality control problems(Prowler).Ditto for Citation.
What name of Travel Trailor to buy or not to buy

We have a 26' Sunnybrook tt with a slide that we have had for about a year. It is wonderful for our family of four (two kids 7 yr boy & 11 yr girl.) Just got back from 10 day trip with no problems. The Sunnybrook definately makes a quality product.