What should we look for?

I am looking at buying a quality 19' TT. Please advise of any issues I should be aware of.
Any thoughts about the Puma , or Surveyor?

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Re: What should we look for?

Thanks for your reply!!

If you would, please elaborate on why the Surveyor is better than the Puma. We are new to RV'ing and really appreciate the input.
Both of these TT we are looking at are aprox. the same price.

Re: What should we look for?

Hi Pops,
I am new also and just looked at Puma and Surveyor and unfortunately I mas not impressed with either. The thing that really killed it for me was the aweful sighting of caulk all over the outside of the trailer. It really looked chep to me. I guess what I came to was: If I am going to spend $16k I might as well spend $20k because what you get for your money in that range is very different. The 16k one may be in the shop all year round, maybe not. Just my opinion and again I am very new to this
RE: What should we look for?

Thanks folks! We appreciate your input. Have you found a trailer for more money that impressed you? If so, please send us the name and we will look into as well.