What Size Generator.

I have recently purchased an older RV. It is 18 ft with a rooftop air. I am going on a trip and would like to run the A/C but there will be no power available. I do not want to buy a generator for only one trip but I have access to a 2250 generator. The only thing that will be runing is the A/C and maybe one light. Does this sound like it would work. Also is the are not a match and I try it anyway would it harm the Generator or the A/C???
What Size Generator.

Most roof top RV air conditioners require a minimum of 2800 watts. Some people will tell you a Honda eu2000 will run an air conditioner but what that probably don't know is that it will be very expensive when replacing either a burned out air conditioner or a burned up generator. Might as well buy 3000 watts and keep both happy. Also, spend a few extra bucks and buy a quiet gen set. Keep your neighbors from wanting to shoot your noisy cheap gen set with their 357 magnum.

Good Luck!