What size of truck camper can my truck accomodate?

[Dwayne] I've been looking for a truck camper, and I think I have it narrowed down to a 8' 1995 Explorer by Classic Mfg. Ltd. (North Battleford, Sask., Can.) or a 1995 10' Vanguard by Peak Manufacturing (also of North Battleford). Obviously the Vanguard has more room and options (bathroom/shower, etc), but I'm not sure if it will travel correctly on my truck. I have a 1996 GMC SLE 4X4 half ton with a regular (short) box. With the tailgate down, the length of the box to the end of the tail gate is about 8' 4". Am I going to have any troubles with the Vanguard sticking out about another 1.5 feet past the tail gate? Is the Vanguard too heavy for my truck? I'd imagine it weighs between 2000 to 2500 lbs. Any help or experience about these issues (or models of camper) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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What size of truck camper can my truck accomodate?

Hi Dwayne, the 10' is definetly too much for your pickup, if you look in the owners manual under loading the truck they show the center of gravity location, and even the 8' will back beyoud the aft CG, with will make driveing the truck very difficult to maybe dangerous. I would suggest a camper built for a short box or a moving up to a 3/4 ton long box. A half ton pickup is usually only good for 1500 to 1800 lbs. max in the box, and if the camper weighs 2000 to 2500 lbs you can then add 500 to 800 lbs for water, LP, food and your stuff plus you and pass. Good luck in your search and happy trails GB

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What size of truck camper can my truck accomodate?

Dwayne, I would not look at any slide in other than a pop-up if you don't want to exceed your trucks weight capacity. Check your tire rating and condition also.
I agree with Gary, move up to a min of a 3/4 long box for a normal slide-in.

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