What size truck do I need to pull my 24ft Prowler

[Susan Radke] We just bought a 24 ft Fleetwood Prowler Vagabond. The dealer who sold it to us said that my &#039 97 Pontiac Bonneville would easily pull it. A truck dealer we spoke to said that any trailer over 16&#039 shouldn&#039t be pulled with anything less than a 1 ton truck. How can I get a definitive answer as to what size truck I really need to pull my trailer without damaging the truck?
What size truck do I need to pull my 24ft Prowler

[Dan] Don&#039t believe what dealers tell you.The Pontiac might pull it OK if it were properly equipped with factory Towing Pkg.(Heavy duty suspension,rear end,tires,transmission cooler,HD radiator,battery etc.)but I think you would be better off with a full size 1/2 or 3/4 ton pickup that is equipped the same way.To get more specific you must know the weight of the the trailer and the tongue weight and an estimate of the weight you intend to carry.Sounds like the truck dealer was really trying to sell you something---talk about overkill!! Also try rvadvice.com for more info.
What size truck do I need to pull my 24ft Prowler

[RVJOE] Wow...talk to RV owners..know all your weight numbers..but your size of travel trailer would do well with a half ton truck provided it has a tow package, including trans. cooler. Be sure the truck has a large motor, not the smaller 6 or 8 cyl. but don&#039t over do it with a big and expensive deisel, unless you think that you will be upgrading your rig. A 3/4 ton would be a good conpromise. I pull a 33 ft. 5th wheel with a one ton. I first had a 19 ft. travel trailer pulled with a half ton dodge which did a great job...even in Colorado.
Most of all . talk to other Rv&#039ers expecially in campgrounds. Most will be glad to share their thoughts.
What size truck do I need to pull my 24ft Prowler

[CEconomides] If your trailer weighs less than 4000 lbs "wet" then a Ford Ranger with a 4.0 liter v-6 and a towing package can easily pull it. You don&#039t NEED a v-8. The dealer outright lied to you about towing a trailer like that with your car. A front wheel drive car shouldn&#039t pull more than 2000 pounds.