what sub 30' diesel RV

Hi all, calling from Spain! Couple of questions, looking at second hand American RV's as european stuff tends to be on the small side and expensive, your stuff not only is bigger but generally better equipped for the price. Nevertheless, can't be done with the big plus 30' footers as european roads tend to be narrower. I require advise on a sub 30' footer 26-28 idealy, diesel which will have to sleep 4/5 and cruise all day. Really looking for a capable vehicle which will be reliable for years to come, stay dry and travel all day long if needed. Will need to be comfortable but not necesarily with all the latest mod cons etc. Any advise regarding makes and models, engines and specs etc.

Greatly appreciated.


Gary B

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what sub 30' diesel RV

Hi Richard, there are a few smaller diesel MH,s but not many, I would tend to stay away from the Chev/GM 6.2L or 6.5L TD engines not the best engines for a mh, that leaves the Cummins 5.9L TD with is an excellent engine ranging in hp from 190 to 290. Safari Motor Coaches built some 26'/30' desiel powered units, their Trek models. Fleetwood Bounders were in the 31 / 32' area, there are any number of Class C's with diesels, you can maybe get some ideas by looking at www.nadaguides.com checking out the diesel models and then asking about a perticular model. Good luck & welcome to the forum. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve: