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what size are looking at???
I have never had any experience with the 2 u mentioned ,, sorry :)


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Do your research. There a many questions just like this on this forum. Just like anything else that is made...some are better than others and will hold their value longer.
If you are a 1st time buyer part of your research here should also be the rv consumer group.
I think that I have finally found mine after months of hard searching for a new to me coach.
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thanks....I have been researching a lot but obviously have more to do.
I went onto the RV consumer group and have ordered the CD rating all the various RV's.
we are thinking about a 30 to 35 ft. one so that occassionally we can have another couple with us or a couple of our grandchildren. we would likely only be on the road for a couple of months at a time so not full timers.
thanks again for the advice.
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I own a 2001 Georgie Boy Landau. Probably considered a "mid" grade Class A I would guess but I really like it for the kind of camping/tailgating I do. Decide first how you intend to use it. That will help in your decision. I am fairly new to the RV world but loving it so far.. I have heard a lot of good things about Tiffin Manufacturing in Alabama. They make Allegro and Allegro Bus. Great manufacturer, they stand by their product and are VERY FRIENDLY, VERY HELPFUL folks to deal with so I'm told.. But they are in Alabama after all!! ;) They even welcome folks to tour their plant while they are building those things! :) Anyway, good luck in your search. This site is great and the people are very knowledgeable and helpful! P.S. Main thing is do not be in a hurry!! Look at everything available.
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Thanks for the advice.
That is just what we are doing.....taking our time; talking to lots of experienced Rv'rs and looking at everything.
we are liking what we read about Newmar products. the consumers report has it just about at no. 1 for construction, customer satisfaction and resale value. oh and it's pretty too. :) Hey I am a girl!
We knocked a few off our list due to reports etc.
anyway many thanks and hopefully we shall meet on the road someday......

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What does the consumer report say about the Forest River. Just wondering?? We get lots of bad reports on Forest River Towables. :eek:
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Good morning, have any of you ever drove or own a Vista Cruiser Mini by gulfstream, my wife look at one yesterday and fell in love with the size and handling. It is 24' with a Cummins 2.7, I know it is not a Dodge diesel, but to make the lady happy, I will have to stop by DL's site once in a while to get the right adjustment to my nose.
We have been halling a trailor for 7 years and she wanted to switch to something she could go when the urge hit without pulling over. Also stopped by Parkview and love the TT they had. Was treated like a Prince.

Take care and on the way to see my "dad" and see if he will go out for a short cruise with me. This stroke knocked some of his getup down.

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The reports on the Forest River are not great. Overall, their score is just borderline Below Average scoring a 4.5 out of 10. Contruction score is 14 out of 25; customer satisfaction is 15 out of 25; resale value is 15 out of 25 points....
at the top of the list for Class A GAS Motorhomes is No. 1 Newmar and No. 2 is Triple E (made in Canada) Winnebago is 91 out of 100 so that's good too.
have a great day all....... :)


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You made a good start with the CD, but unless you are already an RV expert, I think that you would be well served by actually joining the organization, if you have not done so. A member gets far more information about how the ratings are reached and what each one means. In addition, when we joined we received a great deal of information about how I can rate an RV and also on what to look at and for when checking out both new and used RVs. Using the guide that they supplied, it took me about two hours to go through the units that I seriously considered.