What to consider when buying.....

I know this question has been asked a zillion times, but let me ask with a twist.

I am considering buying a 'pre-loved' 5th wheel or tag, it will be parked near a river, and not moved very much, if at all. Well, maybe once every 2 years, or if a flood is imminent.
The location is snowy in the winter with lows of about 20 degrees, and highs in the summer will be about 95. I don't plan on living in it, just using it as a quiet weekend destination on a plot of land I am considering also. Of course I would winterize it in the winter.

My first guess is since I don't plan on trekking the nation - or even the midwest, about anything will do. Would that be a good assumption ?
What to consider when buying.....

I guess I would asked, Why a fifth wheel? If you are just going to park it for a vacation fishing spot why not buy a good used travel trailer. Has to be cheaper and you won't have the steps into the bedroom. Plus the head room is the same throughout the trailer. And it will be easier to put in a permanent position. Fifth wheels have the advantage of being easier to tow than travel trailers and they usually have a little more storage space. But that is about all.

As you learn about your vacation spot you will find out about how to winterize your trailer. I use to have a fitting that attached to the water faucets and then to a small aircompressor. I would blow the water out of the lines. But a better idea is to tap into the water line before the water pump and then suck the antifreeze into the lines using the water pump.

And, if you are only going to pull it a couple of times a year you have to realize that sitting is hard on the brakes. The drums will rust and the brake shoes will soften causing them to crystalize when you apply the brakes against the rusted surface of the drums. So removing the tires and spraying the drums with some type of rust preventative would be a good idea. And the tires are going to dry rot if left sitting on the ground unprotected.

Just some thoughts to get a conversation going for you.
What to consider when buying.....

Why a 5W..... because my first initial thought is I won't travel much with it, but you (I) never know.....
I appreciate the idea about the brakes, I had not thought of that, I have been reading about tire problems, though, basically falling apart from UV and lack of getting some temp into them and the chemical compound breaking down.....
What to consider when buying.....

p.s. - Gruffy - I won't use it from November thru March, I may not even be able to get to it, depending on the snowfall, so I will winterize it.
What to consider when buying.....

:shy: What I was getting at is how long a season your looking at. I expect that on Nebraska, October and April mean some frost at night. That means enclosed tanks and plumbing unless you want to chance frozen pipes.

You won't need a real cold weather package. You may want to think about a 100lb propane tank and the hoses to connect it.

I agree, that a travel trailer might be a good choice. The hitch is a lot cheaper. The box of your truck is available for toys... just depends on what your gonna be up to.

We wound up with a 5er to get the extra room and carrying capacity, but we're full timers. You may want to do with less space, so a travel trailer would fit your needs.