What to tow behind MH?

[bigdumbsquirrel] My MH came with a tow bar for towing on all fours. Does Anyone have recomendations for a vehicle? I want one light weight, but dependable and 4WD so that I won&#039t have to modify the drive shaft. Is there a way to tow a car with a standard transmission without modifing the drive shaft?

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What to tow behind MH?

[Gary B] Hi David, most any manual(standard) vehicle can be towed 4 down, just install tow bar, hook up to MH leave ignition switch in accessary position,(so as not to lock the steering) and tranny in neutral. check the lights and saftey cables (Recomend a aux brake system) and away you go. Happy trails GB
What to tow behind MH?

[Darlene] David we tow a cavalier (auto) we installed a tow bar that is put out by blue ox works great..and its on all fours..........
What to tow behind MH?

[bigdumbsquirrel] Thank you for your replys. I have a commanche pick up I would like to use, but thought I would have to modify the drive shaft. If I can use it by just putting the standard transmission in neutral that is my best choice.
What to tow behind MH?

[Gary B] Hi again David, I tow a 1990 Mazda B2200, with manual tranny and ti tows great, I can&#039t remeber seeing a truck like yours in tow (but that means nothing sometimes I can&#039t remeber what I had for breakfast) but have seen a lot of Jeep products being towed. Slap that tow bar and enjoy GB
What to tow behind MH?

[Shelly] Many vehicles available to tow on all fours with or without standard trans. Chev. Malibu, Cavalier, Allero, Saturn are a few. Always check with the manufacturer first but there are many models to choose from. Also once you get your tow vehicle, get the Protect-a-Tow to keep it looking new, it&#039s excellent protection for both your RV and Towed vehicle. Check it out at www.protectatow.com To get a great list an info on towable vehicles check out www.towingworld.com and go to the vehicle info link.