What truck should I buy for 39' Holiday Rambler

I recently purchased a 39 ft Presidential Suite fifth wheel - approx 16000 lbs. I plan on pulling it quite a bit as this is my new home and I will be traveling often. I live in Colorado so need something that will comfortably tow it in the mountains.

What kind of truck should I get? What trucks have the best reputation? New or Used? Advantages/drawbacks?

What hitch do you recommend?

Are there driving classes I could attend to learn how to maneuver such a long rig?

How much of a hastle is having a rig that length when trying to get a campground? (Not that I can do anything about it now!)

Thanks a million for all of your help.

Signed - A girl with lotsa questions!
What truck should I buy for 39' Holiday Rambler

At least an 1 ton. Get a 2 or 3 year old with low miles in a turbo diesel. I would go with a Ford 7.3 or a Dodge Cummins. If you have to go with a chey or GMC get the 6.6 duramax. I recomend a Reese hitch or one of the new air ride hitches. Most RV parks can handle that size rig but you would have problems in state and federal parks. They also fit well in those free areas like Wal-mart parking lots and Indian Casino parking lots. :laugh: As far as driving lessons, I don't know. Maybe a truck driving school can help you. The biggest problem in campgrounds is backing it into a spot. The remedy is to opt for the pull thru site. But when all else fails get a spotter to help you back up.

enjoy your RVing\
What truck should I buy for 39' Holiday Rambler

Wanderlust, I would be very careful about buying a Ford 2 or 3 years old. I see 02-04's on lots every day and they don't sell because people know the problems that these models have had. You would be better off to buy a new model with a full warranty.
What truck should I buy for 39' Holiday Rambler

Thank you two so much for the information. I am actually now checking out the F250/350 and the Ram 2500/3500. I test drove both of them (new ones and one used F350), and absolutely LOVED the Ram - It's nice and quiet and had some SERIOUS torgue - put me back in the seat a little, even! Then I test drove the Ford. I was not impressed at all with the torque, but I think I must have gotten a dudd. I am going to drive both again, just to make sure. I like the used idea with an extended warranty, however, once you add the warranty in to the cost, you can pretty much buy a brand new one... the Ram I'm looking at was $42,000 but is only $31,000 right now. Hmmmm, what to do....

Thanks again. I really appreciate your input.



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What truck should I buy for 39' Holiday Rambler

Before buying a truck, you need to know what it is really worth. For a used vehicle, check out Blue Book or NADA (nadaguides.com). You should shoot for a price between (low) retail and wholesale (below would be better, but good luck :) ). For a new truck, get an online quote (its been a few years, but I found a quote for mine well under retail). Then use this value as top end on your offer (start lower, obviously).

Remember, when you make an offer, there are only 3 acceptable responses: accept, counter offer or 'get out'. Anything else is not negotiation, and should be ignored. If no more movement is being made, walk (there are always other dealers and/or next week or next month).

I find it helps to deal with 'out the door' price, to avoid hidden charges and to avoid getting blindsided by huge (depending on state) tax and registration charges. Also be wary of the 'finacial office' where they try to sell you $2000 worth of extras for $10000...

Finish protection packages are usually only worth a fraction of what they charge. Extended warrantees are often out and out rip-offs, and even the good ones usually are overpriced as much as 100%. You can often get better plans and better price separately. LoJack is good, but I battled them down 33% and later found I still paid over retail price. And so on.
What truck should I buy for 39' Holiday Rambler

First ,is the 16000 lb dry weight or loaded with everything including water. NO 3/4 TON IS RATED TO safely PULL 16K. YOU NEED TO HAVE A 1 TON ,350, OR 3500 SERIES or possably a 450/4500 series. The problem is not the power to pull but the weight involved trying to stop it. A 1 ton/3500 has larger brakes and rotors to help you stop. Also the suspension is upgraded along with the steering and axles. If that dodge is a new 3500 w/cummins diesel you shoud grab it and run . I purchased an 02 chevy 2500HD crew cab diesel a little over a year ago and paid 27,300 with 41k on it. If you dont want it, pass along the dealer and phone number because I am very interested in it. I would greatly appreciate it. FORDS have a motor problem right now and ford cant fix it ,so there going to replace it with a new motor in the 07 model, check the other forum topic and you can learn a lot from the owners , not just what the salesman wants you to hear,something as big and heavy as you have I would even consider a medium duty or a heavy duty truck. Heavy duty( class 7/8 ) may be a bit much but I drive for a living and have had too many close calls with idiot's that have no idea what it takes to stop the weight thats pushing you down the road when your trying to stop in a hurry. JUST MY OPINION THOUGH. HOPE THIS GIVES YOU SOMEMORE THINGS FOR THOUGHT :approve: LEE

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Re: What truck should I buy for 39' Holiday Rambler

Marc that post was 4 yr ago. If he got a Ram he has probably done wore it out. JK trying to get a comment from DL :laugh: They ask then never come back and let us know what they do. :angry:
Re: What truck should I buy for 39' Holiday Rambler

There are two possible reasons for not hearing back from her. 1 She bought the Ram and is having so much fun she doesn't have time to post. 2 She bought the ford, and is waiting on the side of the road somewhere waiting to get towed. JK :)