What type of RV TV (tow vehicle) to buy?


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I have noticed the prices are very high, for pre-emission diesel trucks (made before 08). I don't it makes
sense to pay $20,000 to $30, 000 for a used diesel truck with over a 100,000 mile on it. A new base Ram
reg cab diesel, w/6.7L Cummins TD & 6-speed manual, looks to be available for $37K to $41K out the door.
With no auto trans to worry about, so the only problem would be the emissions equip. I don't know if that
can be covered by extended factory warranty or not. But, I think that's a good idea to cover that equipment.
A Chevy 2500HD gasser, tows 14,500 lb. But, costs almost as much as a diesel. I think the diesel will hold
its value better and last longer. It should anyway. Depending on the emission equipment problems, or lack
of problems.

Some in the trucking industry, are buying rebuilt pre-emission diesel trucks, called Gliders. Makers of gliders
claim there are just as good as new. The new emissions have lowered MPG. So, the glides get 1 to 2 better
mpg. When your are talking 5 to 7 mpg, that's a big percentage saving in fuel costs, which is one of the
biggest costs trucking companies have. With the marketplace going to so much effort to get around the
new emissions, suggests to me anyway, the trucking industry sees them as a real problem.

I need to tow 10,000 to 11,000 lb. So, is it better to buy a gas truck, or take a chance on the new emissions?