Whats the Best route to D.C. from Maine


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Hey everyone!
We'll be leaving for Fredericksberg VA from Sanford Maine the 3rd week of April and was wondering if anyone can give me some tips on what roads to avoid through NY, NJ, and MD. I would like to avoid 95 at all costs, but would still like to make good time. I have made this trip before about 10 years ago, but I was not towing a 30ft 5th wheel. We did trek down to orlando last April, but I took rt 84 to rt 81 and avoided 95 altogether until S. Carolina.

Ed H.

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Whats the Best route to D.C. from Maine

Hi exnav,
You are right on the money about I-81. Probably the easiest way would be to take I-495 south to the MassPike west to the NY Thruway south to get to I-84 and avoid Connecticut altogether. There is a connection from I-81 back over to the I-95 corridor around Baltimore and probably a few others farther south. I don't recall exactly where or what route number.
From Freeport, ME to the NY state line is about 5-5 1/2 hours driving at about 60. From there to Baltimore is about the same, if I recall correctly.
I haven't driven the PA stretch in so long I can't say how the roads are, but down to the I-84 interchangse should be pretty good and the worst traffic is normally around Worcester,MA at rush hour. Some will tell you to take I-290 through Worcester-DON'T DO IT! The last time I drove it the road was rough and the traffic was the pits...a lot of cross-town driving on and off the exit ramps before you even realize what's going on. I-495 looks a few miles longer on the map, but it will be a lot faster and easier to drive.
Again, the map will make I-84 through CT look attractive, but it cuts right through down town Hartford with a left exit or two thrown in for laughs.
Whatever you do avoid the New Jersey Turnpike!!! That is the road from, through and to hell.
Hope this helps and have a good trip.