What's your specialty?

I've been giving some advice here recently and read a few others' replys to questions and got to thinking: wouldn't it be convenient to know who to ask what question of? I'm not suggesting we each start a topic with hundreds of questions and answers like Allison man, but just let folks know who has what experience.

I know some of you are mechanics, engineers, even RV techs.

Personnaly, I spent 12+ years in commercial refrigeration, plumbing, heating, airconditioning, & a little electrical work.


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What's your specialty?

Well Ed, I was an accountant for 32 years for the Federal Govt and I doubt very seriously that anyone would need any info that I gained from my work experience. I do share some things but most are what I have learned by asking questions, seeing other answers, or just plain ole common sense. :) :laugh: :cool: ;) :dead:
What's your specialty?

Interesting thought! Well - I am 62 and have been several things. 22 years and retired as police officer from Waterloo, Iowa. Worked for an OSHA consulting company from 1991 until 1998. (was in Mo then). Returned to Osage Iowa and started my own consulting (OSHA) company - divorced in 2002 and moved to Cresco, Iowa with my business. I have an associate degree in electronics, ba degree in criminology and psychology, masters degree in management.

No - I certainly do not have all the answers. Sometimes I surely do wish I did, though.

Intentions - I plan on turning my company over to my oldest son starting in summer of next year. My SO and I will begin to use a week or two each month to start traveling some. Then we (son and I) plan on hiring another employee that I will train for 6 to 12 months. If successful my son will take over then and hopefully that will mark the beginning of a full time retirement (2006).

Travel - enjoy fruits of life - put finishing touches on my books and publish them.

Best laid plans of men and mice - with Gods help I just may realize some of my dreams.

Bill - from Cresco, Iowa
What's your specialty?

This is a good idea. I am going to put this data in my profile. But no matter what a persons professional background a lot of what comes up as answers in this forum seems to be from experiences both good and bad, trial and error. One persons OOOOps :dead: can save someone a lot of heart ache :( .

I am a wiz at most things but on new things I would rather ask than reinvent the wheel. Sometimes that will get expensive.

Y'll have a blessed day,
What's your specialty?

Hey! I really thought that this thread would catch on quickly. It is always interesting to know a little about you friends and associates. Sometimes knowing that there is a little experience or expertise out there is a great help.

Me - I know a little (and sometimes it's a VERY little) about nearly everything and a lot about a few things (and again sometimes it's VERY few).