Wheel Alignment


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I was told that every new truck should have wheel alignment checked. Is it necessary to have the front-end aligned on a new Class B M/H on a Chevy 3500 chasis, when the steering gives no evidence of poor alignment?

C Nash

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Wheel Alignment

Arcy, never a bad idea to have alignment check but, I don't think it is necessary if the unit drives good, no pull, hard steer and no abnormal tire wear. Inspect the tires for any kind of inside, outside, scuffing wear pattern regulary. Course if warrenty will pay for it go for it but, I have seen some so called techs that made them worse so ck around for the best alignment person in your area.
Wheel Alignment

Know that most all class "A" manufacturers require / suggest that the units be aligned after first being loaded for travel...Never heard this requirement for a pickemup truck...tho as chelse said, it's always a good idea to keep close watch for unusual wear on the tires. Even if it drives O.K.
Wheel Alignment

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