wheel base


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I have a friend who is going to buy a Hi-Lo (24'-27' range). He hasn't decided on the towing vehicle because he want to know if the wheelbase is important. Anyone out there who can address the towing vehicle's wheelbase and the distance between the rear wheels of the towing vehicle and the trailer wheels? Is this something that needs to be considered at all?


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wheel base

I've heard that short wheelbase tow vehicles are not at all stable towing longer trailers. Not that 24' to 27' feet is necessarily 'longer'. No personal experiance, as I'd never have anything to do with a truck which was not extended cab and probably not a short bed either. So much more convieniant to have that room behind the seats, and when not towing, the long bed is more useful. Its a pain to park, of course...

If I was going to pull any travel trailer with any tow vehicle, I'd check out something like the Pull-Rite hitch, which claims to make a travel trailer pull as nicely as does a 5th wheel. This might minimize any problems introduced by a short wheelbase tow vehicle.