wheel bearings


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I have a question.Last year I help move a new T.T from one spot to another.
All togeather about 500feet that was in April,In July we had some real hot
weather,I notice grease comeing out of one axel.Do you think a wheel bearing
blew? This has never happen to me before.Now I have to take this T.T out of
town and I'm kind of worried that the wheel bearing went out..

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Re: wheel bearings

The wheel bearing did not "blow". Axle manufactures say "CHECK the bearings once a year or 12,000 miles". Most of the time they don't need anything then, because most trailers are not towed that much. Water, or condensation, isa worse culprit than wear.

The worse thing that you can do is put too much grease in the hub. Heat makes it expand and it will blow the rear seal. When that happens the grease blows out on the brake shoes and into the hub. That is when you have an expensive repair. I have talked to engineers from Dexter and Alko. They both hated the "Easy Lube Axle" because people over grease the hub. Both companies built that axle because of consumer demand.

My guess on your trailer is that there was a little grease on the outside of the hub and the summer heat made it run. Maybe even someone put a spot of grease on the threads for the wheel nuts, who know. A small spot will spread and look really bad. Bearings and brake assemblies are built to withstand 800 degrees. With you calling it "new", I seriously doubt you will have any problems.