wheels/tires for and older RV


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I recently bought a 1978 Harvest motorhome, dodge chassis (30ft/440/727TF)
It has these 8.5x17.5 dually wheels.
Now new 17.5 tires are $200!
The duallies use the standard 8 lug bolt pattern of a 1 ton, but larger 5/8 studs.
Are there wheels made that I can put on that have more common cheaper tires?
Off a newer motorhome?
It isn't going to be driven more that 150 miles.
I plan on taking from SLC, UT to Fairview canyon and park it on some property I have. And leave it there.
So I can't justify $1200 in rubber for it
An ideas?
Dane V
Layton, UT


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Re: wheels/tires for and older RV

Have you thought of hauling it to the location. Get a good sized truck and a lowboy trailer, strap it on and take it to your property. You can unload it, block it up and cover the old tires with some inexpensive coverings. Might even find a trucker that would haul it for you at a lower price than it would cost for the tires.