When is a RIG too big to be parked like a big pickup truck?


Ideally I would like to buy a class C motorhome that is small enough to park anywhere you see 4 door long bed pickups can park.

I guess my question is.. what is the foot threshold where you have to treat motorhomes differently than big pickups. I would prefer a 27 or 29 footer for the space but I've been looking at 24 footers if that would let me fit in more places.. but if you guys say 20 feet is the max where you can park in normal parking spots.. then I guess there's really no reason to go with the smaller 24 footer... and should just go with 27 or 29 footer. By the way I will be solo fulltiming in this.. so if you could give me recommendations based on that.. that would be great.


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Re: When is a RIG too big to be parked like a big pickup truck?


If your are going to be fulltiming, you would probably do better with a longer unit. Most 27-30 ft. have a bedroom in the back, separate from the "living quarters". This can really make your unit feel like home. Slide outs help too. The smaller units are great for short vacationing, but if you have to keep moving things around to live day to day, it can can get real ugly. Also consider the cost per foot of a short vs. long unit. Personally, in a recent 8000 mile cross crountry trip, I was glad I had the extra room and a bedroom. I felt it was more comfortable traveling. Good luck on your new purchase!
Re: When is a RIG too big to be parked like a big pickup truck?

My husband & I own a 20" Gulfstream MH and have put approx. 130,000 miles on it. We have stayed in it for up to 4 1/2 months at a time. While it can occasionally get a little crowded if I am trying to cook & he doesn't stay on the couch, we have not had any problems having a great time seeing all 48 states & 3 proviences of Canada. We love the fact that we can park in any fast food parking lot & have taken it on dirt roads in national parks that big rigs would not dream of being on. Of course each person is different & what doesn't bother us might not be liveable to you, but I do highly recommend a smaller rig.