When to Replace?

Any opinions when to think of replacing your motor home before it becomes a bigger money pot? We bought used but not old; it is 7 yrs old with average mileage. Should we be thinking about upgrading or replacing to avoid losing lots of $$$ and being subject to constant repair worries? The rig still looks good now but we'd like to trade while its still good appearing. Motor homes seem not to age very well. Any comments appreciated.
When to Replace?

Boy, I hope my '84 Chieftain doesn't read this post. The Wienerbeagle might refuse to come out of the barn for fear I was headed toward the dealer.


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When to Replace?

We are fulltime in a motorhome that is now seven years old and we purchased new. We have no plan to replace ours anytime soon. In fact, to date we have seen no floor plan that we like as well as what we have. That said, we are begining to think of doing a little looking, but very little.

There is no magic number for when an RV has lived it usefull life. If you consider the purchase price, it takes a very long time before the cost of ownership starts to go back up, as compared to the fact that the depreciation will go down in amount each year. If it is well cared for, maintenance done when due, and all repairs made promptly, there is no reason why it should be replaced just due to age. The mileage on the chassis will in time begin to cost a great deal, but many RVs have new or rebuilt engines and transmissions installed, rather than to replace them. It is very difficult to believe that trading RVs is ever really cost efficient. The value must be offset by your desire for the new RV.