Where are the USA RV'ers?

Hey guys are you alive?

I have been been for such a short time and have concluded that there is no one RVing in the USA - They're are six people who subscribe to these boards and the rest just sit off. I know you have anecdotes, stories and adventures to submit - So do it.

We have many to submit to our boards in England and many have great times writing and reading the tales and I know you arent sad so get your asses in gear and paste 'em up I know you must have 'em

C'mon you know you can do it - Even if its only for us to read!

Where are the USA RV'ers?


I, for one, have responded to some of your previous inquires. I might also add that a little courtesy and finesse gets more response than the way that you have just posted. This is not a very active forum. You might want to try Woodalls.com for their open road forum which is a much busier forum for RV's. There are many more RV forum sites if you will use your search engine. Rv'ing is a multi-million dollar industry in this country and there are a lot of us just like you trying to solve problems and to learn more.


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Where are the USA RV'ers?

Trying to get ready for Alaska here :) Maybe I will have some tales then ChugAlong. Course I did pull of with the toad the other day and it seemed to pull hard. When I hit the pavement I heard tires sqeelling so I stoped on the highway, could not get off to the side and noticed I had not put the 4x4 in neutral and guess what I had locked the keys up inside so there I was stuck in the middle of the road. Did manage to get the door open after several tries. Blamed it all on the better half :eek: No way I could make that kind of mistake :blush: :( theres mine ChugAlong now lets hear one from you
Where are the USA RV'ers?

Some of us still have to work for a living and can just dream of the free time to Travil and Surf =o) :laugh:
Where are the USA RV'ers?

Hi! We are new to RVing and love it. We bought our Class "C" 30ft Ultra Gulfstream last year it is a cream puff hardly used. We have made several trips south to Savanaha, Ga on to Jacksonville, Fl. back to St. Louis "HomeBase" then we took a week and went to Madison WI to see the daughter and family. Some campgrounds in WI are not great, most are rather expensive, not like in the South. We spent Jan. & Feb. in Lafayette LA it is actually at a nice KOA. Best of all was a campground in Mercedes TX called Llano it is the greatest place I have ever been to. A city unto itself except no grocery store, but everything else. A lot of Canadian's as well as they say American's I hope to go back in a year or two to spend 2 months. We travel with a black cat that is 9 years old and really enjoy ourselves. We have had a few problems (loosing the tread on tires) we have always found people in the South especially helpful they like us SnowBirds. I'm looking forward to our next trip in June even if it is to go to a graduation.