Where can I park up?

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I have a couple of questions about parking up either over night or long term.

We shall be travelling around this land where our destination may be a couple of days away. En-route we see a beautiful location say alongside a river so pull in and set up. It could be a forest or wherever but a couple of days there may boost our spirits.

Can I do this?

There are places I have seen here that can only be owned by God cos theres no-one for miles. So we 'borrow' a pitch for a couple of days, tidy up and move on. Does one go to jail for such a gypsy, Bohemian fashion? Shot for being stoopid or is there an avenue by which the 'rules' are based?

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There is no land that isn't owned by 'someone' in the USA. You must have permission or be considered trespassing.

Having said that, we have the greatest federal, state and local parks in the world. Camping and stopping is controlled but very low cost. (The word 'park' in this context means it is an area with boundaries and a gatekeeper.)

We also have very many private 'parks'. We call them RV parks. They can be anywhere.

Get yourself an atlas and stay awhile. The parks are usually marked as large green areas on a map.
Re: Where can I park up?

You can also find info on national forests, wilderness areas, & other government land at this website:
www.recreation.gov where many campsites are very remote and cost very little to camp. The commercial campsite guide that we have used in all 48 states is a book called "Trailer Life" that you can buy at most bookstores(& no I don't work for a bookstore or Good Sam but I have used this book very extensively for 5 years & 80,000 miles)

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Re: Where can I park up?

Better watch it if down south. :eek: Might be in sight of a deer stand. :eek: :laugh: Might even some of the good ole boys be spot lighting and think your reflector is a deer eye. :eek: :laugh: ;)