Where can one buy an RV wholesale????

Hi, we're new here. Found your board while doing a search ...

Someone from our church bought a Class A wholesale and saved $50,000+ ... they are "away" enjoying their new home so we can't ask them where they bought it - think it was somewhere in Montana?

Anyone have any info they can share with us??

We're looking for a future full-timer home ....

Where can one buy an RV wholesale????

we're looking for a floor plan that has bunkbeds for our younguns

DH would like to have a 5W, but so far we've only been able to find bunkbeds in travel trailers ...
Where can one buy an RV wholesale????

I bought my new trailer from RVWholesalers earlier this year. I highly recommend them! They literally saved me thousands ($3700 to be precise). They were pleasant to work with, eager to please and a great experience. The trip to Lakeview Oh (Near Columbus) to pick up the trailer was 11 hours in each direction, but well worth the effort. Cost me about $500 to make the trip, and it was a great camping adventure to & from (ok, I stayed in a motel the first night on the way there but...) Took my time coming back, spent 2 nights in the new trailer on the way home!

If your further north or west, you might also consider www.campersfactoryoutlet.com just north of Chicago. Their prices were almost identical!!! :laugh:
Where can one buy an RV wholesale????

We are thinking of getting a Forest River Wildwood 26BHSS. We have a dealer close by but they dont have it in yet. There supposed to call when it is in. I want to see one first before I make the big purchase. Plus, I will need to sell our springdale if I purchase from RV Wholesalers. If I cant get the local dealer to come down enough to get close to RVW price I may just buy from the local guys.