Where/How to Sell the 5th Wheel?


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After fulltiming for 3 years in our beautiful 5th wheel, we must retire from this way of life. We are here in Colorado Springs and we both have such health issues we are now in an apartment - But still making our payments on the 5th wheel and running errands in the big
F-450 crewcab truck (which we would also like to sell after the RV). I ran ads in the newspaper, and sent out flyers to campgrounds, with not even a bite. This unit is beautiful, and I hate to part with it (2003 NuWA Champagne 4 slider), but we must. I've talked to dealers - the numbers aren't good.
Does anyone know of a great website to advertise this on? The unit is all ready for sale and sitting at a campground with full hookup for show. The campground owner had shown it but they were only curious campers.
Our apartment lease is up in October, which we may have to live in the RV through the winter in it here. I've got surgery then and really don't like the idea of spending 2 months recovering in the RV.
I would appreciate any suggestions or even just spread the work. This unit is beautiful but we just have to part with it. Also from back East and I miss my family. :(