Where in the world do I start??


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Hello to all....

I am in the VERY early stages on buying a RV of some sort. As I nature photographer, I am considering two options. Good and unobvious storage space will be a top priority!!!

1. A Class C type motor home so that I can pull a smaller car to drive around after I park
2. A pull trailer (like an Airstream, etc).

Class A type travel trailers are simply too expensive and too big for my needs, though I love the converted busses..

My main hesitation against a pull trailer is I will need to buy at least a medium sized SUV to pull it, where as a Class C will allow me to use my current small car.

Now, my biggest problem is where in the world do I start in deciding on a brand?? I have the sites of about 6 manufacturers, including Coachmen, Fleetwood, Gulfstream, and Coachouse.....all of the campers look very nice.

Also, what about different bodies (like Ford, Dodge, etc)?? What about a V-8 vs. a V-10 as in MPG vs, HP???

As you have probably guess by now, I am pretty much in the dark as where to start. So be nice and help a serious newbie out!!!


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Where in the world do I start??

For what it is worth, The C class is (in my humble opinion) the best way to go. We opted for an A class diesel pusher and although we love it and the comfort, we spent too much money for it. If you are going to drive a lot, then opt for the powerstroke in the Ford chassis. I have that engine in a medium (F-250) truck and can drag a load of horses in a 5000 pound gooseneck trailer up and down the mountains around north Georgia without any problems.
The extra power and torque the diesel offers will allow you a bit more options on the type of toad you select.


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Where in the world do I start??

This is a very hard question for someone to answer for someone else. To many different variations. Plus you have really answered your own questions.

When our kids were growing up we had a truck and a slide-in camper, sold that. Years later, went to tent camping. Couple years later bought a pop-up. Had that for 5 years, then moved in a Travel Trailer. 2.5 years later we bought our first 5er. And we really like our 5er.

It kind of sounds like you are interested in a Class C, and tow your car. Keep digging, you will find what your looking for. You might even try to rent one for a small trip to have some kind of idea the Class C is it. Ask other Class C owners at campgrounds what they think of their rig, they will tell you.

Click on the link in my signature, click on the Rigs button. Each of our Rally friends are there. Click on their names and it will open a page with their Rig info. You can also email them from that page by clicking on their names.

Good luck in your shopping.


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Where in the world do I start??

We began by going to rv shows and lots of reading. We spent 3 years deciding and are totally happy with our choice. There are some great books written by experienced rvers for beginners, authors to look for: Hoffmeister, Joe and Vicky Kieva, JD Gallant, you can ask for them at the library or buy them on line or at the bookstores. Do a search on Amazon under RV for instance, or check out www.woodalls.com or . Also consider buying a membership in the RV Consumers Group www.rv.org it is well worth the money for what you learn. Buy their books on how to buy a rv. It will teach you how to get the best value for your money. The best way to find out what you might like to live in is to go to shows and walk through lots of models and types. Drive through campgrounds and talk to owners of a type you think you might like or talk to them here and on the other rv forums.

We choose the Sunnybrook brand because of it's excellent quality/workmanship, has more storage than we need, and has a high rating (rv consumer) for safety and durability.

Before you get your heart set on a particular floor plan read the safty factor of the plans and models. The same floor plan can be built by all the different manufacturers and depending on how the weight is distributed it can be a dream or a nightmare to drive/pull.

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Where in the world do I start??

Agree with all those before this that you've already figured out the answers to many of your questions. Last March (2002) we went through a similar process and wound up with a Four Winds 22' Class C by Thor and have been very happy with it. We've been to Florida and to California and back so far. No problems (except one with a holding tank that was fixed to our satisfaction). It has the Ford V-10 engine that doesn't hesitate on the biggest grades. I've never driven even a van and found this to be an easy experience -- did about half the driving on the trips mentioned above. We don't pull a car and haven't missed it so far.

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Where in the world do I start??

The Best way to start is to rent first and decide what and which you like. We have moved up over the years and decided about three years ago we wanted to full time live and work while traveling around. In March we bought what we needed to do this our way; a 39' Class A Diesel pusher w/ living room dinette slide and lots of weight carrying capacity. We have not regreted our decision one bit. This is a great lifestyle!

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