where is everyone???

where is everyone???

[RonS] I agree most people have gone to another BB, as this one is just to slow and hard to work with.
Although I have been checking around I can&#039t find the hot one, if you or anyone has it, post it here as I return every so often to see if it&#039s fixed. This one is getting better, but still not satisfactory.
where is everyone???

[Webmaster] RonS,

What makes this BB hard to work with? In my opinion, it is much like any other BB, just a different design (and I like this one better). Can you give us some examples so we can try and remedy this situation? Have you tried the tutorial? Does the tutorial need to be redone?

Let us know specific suggestions and/or problems you are having.

- Webmaster, RVUSA
where is everyone???

[Les Adams] Webmaster,

I inhabit many BBS&#039s and I have to agree with others that this one is rather difficult to use...

I would do the following to improve it&#039s usability...

1. Make the Fonts bigger - for us older folks, it&#039s a strain
Perhaps change the background color as opposed to foreground
colors. A bit of experimenting might be in order here and
the larger fonts would help but anything you can do to make
viewability quick and easy will be beneficial.

2. If your going to use the "tree" type of directory, display
all branches of the tree showing the various levels of the

3. When "clickin" on a topic, do not have the BBS go to the top
of the page but rather hold the topic line.

I think those 3 items would greatly enhance the BBS&#039s usability...

Best Regards,
where is everyone???

[Webmaster] Les,

We&#039ve made a few changes due to your response. I&#039ll go down the list.

1. We&#039ve made the font color darker and have bolded the thread title. The font size has stayed the same as it is easier for you to adjust the font size to your liking. If you are using Internet Explorer, on the menu bar, click on &#039View&#039 then on &#039Text Size&#039. If you are using Netscape, on the menu bar, click on &#039View&#039 then on &#039Increase Font&#039 or &#039Decrease Font&#039 according to your needs. This will enable you to have control over the font size for your needs.

2. The BB was originally set up with all threads expanded. Due to speed issues the threads were collapsed. If you wish to expand a thread, simply click on the &#039+&#039 sign next to the thread or click on the thread itself and the entire thread will open in your browser.

3. Could you explain this out a little further? If you are referring to when you click on a response to a topic - that response is highlighted in a bold red color to show you what response you are currently reading.

I hope this helps you out!

- Webmaster, RVUSA