Where is water control valve on 1998 coachman 19.5 sport

I am new to RVing and I just purchased a 1998 COACHMAN 19.5 Sport with only 13,200 miles. When I first brought it home, The display showed low water in the holding tank so I hooked up the water hose and completely filled the tank, (it did take a lot of water). Since then I have used a little over 2/3 of the water and need to fill it up again. When I hook upo the hose, no water seems to be going into the tank. The users booklet says to to fill the tank I need to turn the water control valve to fill. Of course it doesn't tell where this valve is. Does anyone have a clue wher this is or do I need to do something else to fill the tanks like open up all faucets and clear the pressure?


C Nash

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How did you fill it before or did I miss read your post. If it has a switch valve it should be near the where you hook up the supply hose. No you should not have to open the faucets.


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I am with Nash on this one, how did you do it before? And no you don't to fill the tank to use the water. it will run from the hose hooked to the water supply. I have a valve in the compartment where the water supply hose is connected. I turn it counter clock wise to open(fill tank) and clock wise to close it off. Be sure you find the tank drain valve to completely drain it for winter storage.