Where to buy replacement 5'er pin box?


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My pin on my Thor Tahoe TranSport 33TB is showing signs of pretty serious wear and it is not perfectly square either, just slightly off center as you look at it from the front.

I can't afford the air ride setup and nothing so far in any 'net searches. I have a 2000 mile trip coming up in mid June and Now I am starting to worry about it.

The back of the pin is worn about .25" where the hitch lock plate holds it in place. Not being straight up and down bothers me too, Not sure how this could of happened or why.

Anyway, WHERE do I find replacement standard pin boxes? All my googling has not turned up anything. Any leads would be appreciated!



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Where to buy replacement 5'er pin box?

Have you tried the manufacturer or parts department of a supporting dealer? How about a RV 'junk' yard?

You'll want to be sure that the one you get has the same geometry as the one being replaced (or other appropriate geometry). That's why I'd try to deal with Thor or one of their approved dealers. Or take it off an equivalent model which is otherwise out of service.