Where to find R.V. values

Hi all, well I wrecked my coach last week (thank God no one was hurt) but I do not know if it is a total or not yet. My question is where do you find retail values for them so I do not get screwed by the insurance company?

I wish I could post pictures on he it was ugly.

As always thank you for your help, Barney

C Nash

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Re: Where to find R.V. values

Barney, sorry to hear that you wrecked your rv but glad yall are ok. You can go to NADA and get values.


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Re: Where to find R.V. values

An other thing you can do is look for the ones for sale like yours and knock a few bucks off from the asking price to get an idea. Or ask for replacement and see if that flies.



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RE: Where to find R.V. values

The NADA has some information for free on their website if all that you want is a simple retail listing. You can get that here......

If you visit a public library, most will have a copy of the paper version and it gives far more and more accurate information. You can buy your own copy of that here....
Re: Where to find R.V. values

Thanks for the reply's. The NADA value and the real value seem to differ. The NADA says it is worth arounf 30,000. but try and find a nice 2002 the same condition for that and it is impossible. I have been surching web sites for a week and a 2002 calss A gas 34' is anywhere from 34,000. too 45,000.

Thanks again for your reply's.