Where to purchase a hitch

The hitch on our newly purchased RV is only rated at 2000#, I will be towing a race car and trailor, looking for one rated at 5000# or better. Any suggestions on where to look for one that will be a staight bolt on for a 1993 Pinnacle 300Q? Thanks...Jeff


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Where to purchase a hitch

First, you may want to ascertain the framework at the hitch attach points are sturdy enough to handle the heavier weight. Some are not... Some U Haul shops sell and install hitches. I prefer to build my own rather than trust the formed sheet metal type. I have seen the sheet metal type rip from towing vehicles only...a very ungood thing to happen.
Where to purchase a hitch

Yes I do need to determine the rated towing capacity for the RV, this will be done before buying a new hitch. Hopefully it will be rated to at least 3500# which is all I really need but more capacity would provide a comfortable cushion. I wish I had the tools to fabricate my own...so guess I will have to buy one.