which adjustable hitch, or air shocks?

Hi everybody. I'm new, just emerging with a 2004 Starcraft Antigua hybrid camper from our divorce. My ex has managed it up to this point with his F150 and of course won't transfer the lessons learned. oy vey..

So here I am with my soccer mom's 2005 Tahoe, equipped with a towing package on the transmission. The people at Camping World are recommending an adjustable hitch, around $300. Is this the best option over air shocks, and if so which brand? Thanks for any tips -

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Re: which adjustable hitch, or air shocks?

Air shocks affect the ride of the vehicle, don't have much to do with towing. The right hitch is critical to make the towing experiance as low stress as practical. The first thing you need to do is to find out the towing capacity of your Tahoe. It may be in the user's manual or you may have to go to a dealer. From that, subtract the weight of any accessories added to the Tahoe, cargo carried in the Tahoe and any passengers. Also, any amount over 150 pounds that you weigh. This is your 'actual' maximum towing weight.

Find the GVWR of the trailer (may be on a sticker on the door of one of the cabinets). If this is below your actual towing weight, you are good. If not, you may have to load the trailer lightly or get a more appropriate tow vehicle.

Types of hitches to consider are 'pivoting' (like PullRite, which are very good, but also very expensive), Friction (critical to minimize sway, where the trailer wags the truck) and Weight Distributing (can handle situations where you have too much weight on the truck's rear axel by transferring some to the front axel).
Re: which adjustable hitch, or air shocks?

Hi John. Thanks a lot, looks like I have some homework to do. I appreciate your prompt reply. Will let you know what I find and how it worked. Have a good day -

Re: which adjustable hitch, or air shocks?

Don't forget when you look at your towing weight, deduct at least 10% from it and take into cobsideration whether or not you will be pulling up hills :question: