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Hello all and thanks for having us. We are retired and want to do more traveling. We are thinking about class c's, but are open to anything. We have been looking at Coachmen Freelanders. They look cheao to me, but what do I know? Should we go w/ used in a higher end MH or something like the freelander that's new? Thanks for your advice! Mike & Cindy in central NC :cool:
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Welcome to a fellow North Carolinian!!

There are a number of private services that rate individual RV's. When I was getting ready to make a purchase I used:


I thought it was well worth the money and it is a good place to start. It will help you narrow your search to a few brands.

I was looking for a Travel Trailer and ended up buying a Sunnybrook because they were highly rated by this particular organization. So far I have not been disappointed - I havel talked to other Sunnybrook owners and found them to be happy as well.

This particular organization rates all Class A, B, C, and towables.

Used vs. new is a different story and a matter of personal preference. You can save a lot of money buying used, however I tend to class RV's and boats in the same category and think most owners do not take proper care of them (Members of this forum being the exception, of course). For that reason I tend to buy new, but that is my personal preference and I'm sure not everyone will agree with me.

Good luck. Let us know which direction you take.

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Don't buy the freelander, if it looks cheap to you you will never enjoy it. Maybe you should go to coburg, oregon and buy a marathon. I'm sure they paint it any color you want. will have all the bells you could want on a motorhome. You certainly would never have to worry about anyone calling your MH cheap.

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One thing I can say about this site, no one will really bad mouth a RV. So I will not tell you what I think of Coachman. Have you thought about renting a Class C then Class A before buying. This might be a better way of answering your questions. This will also give you a better idea of what you want and don't want. No matter what you do, enjoy yourself. :cool:
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I personally prefer a 5th wheel over a motorized. It is just easier to get around if you plan to travel a lot. They usually have more living room and a lot of different options. I have owned a Keystone Montana 5th Wheel for years and found it very livable and easier to tow than most other 5th wheels. They are the #1 selling 5th Wheel for a reason. Check one out I know you will be impressed. :)