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My wife and I are looking to retire and travel the southern USA in the winters and Canada in the summers. We started out looking at class C' but soon realized they are too small. I am over 6'3" so we have narrowed our class A search to units with high ceilings.We are looking at the Thor Daybreak.....the Georgetwon xl.........and the Tiffin Allegro. Does anyone have any advice on which of these units the best.Thanks for any help you can give us...............RV rookie Ottawa


The Allegro I think would be the best, Bob has a service Dept. That is the Best in the RV community hands down. They are made in Red Bay, Al and it not hard to get to and they have a Campground with full hook-ups and it free if your RV is under Warrant.
I would go to a dealer that sell Tiffin Motorhomes and before I look at any, I would ask him why he sale Tiffin MH.


well i have to agree with Gerald ,, i own a 2013 alegro bus ,, and have been "WAY MORE THEN HAPPY" with it ,, no problems other then stuff that can't be avoided ,, but all was handled with no problems ,, but i am thinking of trading soon ,, been looking at the American Coach ,, i like it more and more that i see them ,, the American Eagle has my eye ,, looks good on the out side ,, and not alot of bling on the inside ,, but it does have over 400 sq ft of living when all the 4 slides are out ,,, but they are pricy ,, a 2014 45fter is going for a little over 500k ,, but if i can get about 200k for my current one i will be happy ,, but not gonna happen ,, but a good trade in price will be nice ,, sorry i got off the topic ,, i will quit and go away :concern: :triumphant:

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If you are going to full time then check the OCCC (newer coaches) or CCC (older coaches) to make sure you have enough cargo carrying capacity. Of course it varies but many of us full timers find that we need at least 1500 pounds per adult.

The CCC or the newer designation OCCC will be on a sticker somewhere in the motor home - usually in a cabinet or closet.

You can see the definition of CCC HERE, and OCCC HERE.
Scroll down to "2009 New weight label" and download the pdf file.

To get CCC subtract the weight of water you will carry and the weight of the people you will carry from the OCCC.

It is common to see CCC numbers as low as a few hundred pounds (even on diesel pushers) which means it would be overloaded for weekend trips and unusable for full timing.

We have 2800 pounds of CCC and would like to have 3500. We started with a 30 footer with no slides and after a year traded it in on a new 35 footer with two slides.


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Without question, the top of your list is Allegro. The two motorhome builders with the longest and best reputations are Tiffin (builder of Allegro) and Newmar (Kountry Star, etc.). Not too far behind would be Winnebago & Itasca, which are the same company. If you plan to go fulltime, it would probably be worth the cost to join the RV Consumer Group for help. In addition, you will probably find a lot of excellent advice and help by visiting this link.


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Totally agree with Kirk. I am 6'6" and wanted to move to a DP from a 32ft Georgia Boy Swinger. 1 thing I noticed when there is a slide involved a deli slide steals about 4-6 inches of space from the drivers seat due to the lip of the slide positioning itself right in the middle of the back of the drivers seat. However, a full slide will clear that lip letting the driver seat extend back far enough for a vertically endowed person to fit comfortably.
Also, the floor plan must fit your needs, for instance, some like to have a bathroom that can be used even if someone wants to get to the back bedroom(side isle).
1 last thing...make sure your fit in the toilet area, pain in the butt when you don't


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First thing I would ask a manufacture. If under warranty and I am on the road where can I get it repaired? Some manufactures insist only on their dealers. Sometimes you may be 500 to 1000 miles from a dealer. JMHO. Monaco will send you to the nearest RV repair that can handle the job. Just something to think about.