Which diesel to buy?

Hello fellow rv'ers! I've only posted out here a few times, but I love this site! There is so much information out here :)

I have a friend that has offered to take me to an auto auction to buy a late model diesel. I currently have a 2003 GMC2500 HD with the 6.0 liter. I wanted a diesel, but couldn't afford it. Now I'm stuck with which diesel to buy. I really like the Dodge Cummins, but I'm really a GM man....really don't like Ford. I've heard a lot of people talk about the newer diesels and the problems they've had with the trannys and the engines. I'm gonna pull a 33 foot 5th'er, but not all the time. I go to the lake a dozen or so times a year, and a few other places. I probably won't pull my camper or boat more than a couple thousand miles per year. Most of my driving will be unloaded. Looking for a 2002 - 2004 model depending on the price. Which truck is gonna be the best bang for the buck and which one's should I stay away from? :laugh: :bleh: :(

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Which diesel to buy?

Hi Danial0731, while its true that there were a few problems with the new DuraMax and Fords new 6L it is all that wide spread, remember for every person that posts on the internet with problems theres tens of thousands of folks with no problems. If you don't want to take the chance then the Dodge with the cummins would be a choice. If you are really a GM guy whatch for a good deal on a GM. As for the trannys you won't be working it that hard that you'll have any problems, and remember a little common sense works wonders. The only thing to remember is when buying used you don't always know how it was treated by the previous owner, I would never even consider any diesel with over 90000 miles and any that showed evidence of having had a 5th wheel hitch or wosre a goose neck hitch. As for which ones to stay away from any with more than 90000 miles and that had a hitch, best bang the one that is reasonably sold. One thing to consider diesel sell very well on dealers lots and they only dump the dogs at the auction. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: ;) :approve:
Which diesel to buy?

If you will be towing a 33ft trailer I would suggest getting a duramax with the Allison auto tranny,the allison has a grade braking feature which is great when towing in hilly country.The Dmax is no slouch as far as horsepower and torque either,the Cummins is a great engine also but Dodge has had problems with their auto trannys behind the diesel,too much torque I suspect.
Which diesel to buy?

We just bought a 04 GMC Duramax with the Allison auto tranny (what a animal) We love it! I pull a 27 foot 5 th wheel no power problems. In 2004 I am thinking that gm changed there duramax to a LLY engine code 6.6 litter, 310 hp and 595 lb's on toque. I also heard that Dodge is having tranny problems I am told that you can't idling them long in gear burns them up ??? And I am NOT a Ford person. But for me the Duramax is the ticket!