which gnerator to purchase?

We are starting to dry camp with a 32ft 5th wheel and have decided to purchase a generator. Would like to hear from folks with suggestions. With which manufacture/model generator are you satisfied or dissatisfied?


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Re: which gnerator to purchase?

Do you have 1 A/C unit or 2? Is the trailer 30amp or 50amp? In the first case, you will probably want between 3 and 4KW. In the latter case, probably between 6 and 9KW to fully power it, or you can run it on less if you only run some stuff at the same time (only 1 A/C at a time, for instance).

I had a Honda EU3000 generator for my 30 amp trailer, which was a very good choice. At first, it would not start the A/C reliably, but I installed an easy start kit in the A/C, and didn't have any problems after that, but did need to be careful what big current users were running at the same time. The Honda was very quiet, produced very clean power (most other generators produce a 'modified square wave' which bothers some electrical devices) and was fairly fuel efficient.

2 EU2000 Hondas hooked together is a very popular choice. They will fully run a 30amp trailer, are quiet, small and light. And if you aren't using a lot of power, you can run just one of them. The EU3000 is bigger and heavier, but does have electric start. Plus I imagine that if you used 2 of the EU3000 hooked together, you could perhaps run a 50amp trailer without too much trouble. There is also a EU6500 which might be even better for a 50amp RV.

There are a few other 'ultra quiet' generators which might be a bit less money, and may even approach the Hondas for quality. Anything other than 'ultra quiet' is questionable for RV use, due to the annoyance factor for your neighbors. And it is hard to beat the Honda quality.
RE: which gnerator to purchase?

I stopped in to see Ken in Bedford, Virgina and looked at the Kipor Generators ... very nice units! I, hoever, purchased the Honda EU3000 because the fuel consumption was/is listed as less per hour. With our new unit, near 36' and two AC's runs fine with only one AC (front or rear) running at a time thus far. The only power issue was when "herself" was using the Micro and AC then started her blow dryer ... says she forgot about the AMPs.

BTW, the Honda has run reliably for 12 hrs plus on a single fill.
Re: which gnerator to purchase?

I have a Honda myself. Bought it 3 years ago, before I knew about Kipors. I have personally run my Honda for 19 hours. (Honda says up to 20 hours) It depends on the load you have on it. If AC is running a lot, it will burn more gas.

I have yet to have a Kipor customer come back unhappy. If, and when, my Honda plays out, I will replace it with a Kipor. So far, 3 years and still on the original battery!
Re: which gnerator to purchase?

Like Kenneth says, Kipor is an excellent choice. Saw more of them in RV dealerships on the way West and now South than anything else. Only bought my Honda EU3000 because of the long running time per tank.