which is the better TT

We are looking at several TT and were not sure which one is the best one to buy. We have our list narrowed down to a 2008 Jayco Jay Flight 28BHS, 2007 Dutchman 28H SSL, or maybe the Innsbruck 275 FBD. Can any one tell me which is the better TT. Also, we have a 5.3L V8 Trailblazer which is rated to pull 6600 pounds. Does any one see a problem pulling any of these trailers. Of course the sales people say it can. - thanks.


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Re: which is the better TT

The 6600 pounds is with no cargo in, no accessories added to, and no passengers riding in, the truck. Just a 150 pound driver and a bit of gas. So, subtract the weight of the cargo, accessories and passengers from 6600 pounds to get your 'true' towing capacity.

I suspect the GVWR of most 28' trailers will be too much for your truck. YOu may find one who's EMPTY weight is low enough, but once you add the stuff needed to make the trailer usable and fun, the odds are pretty good you will be over your limit.