Which motorhome should I buy? down to 2 choices.

Hi, We are about to purchase our first motorhome and really don't know much about them. We have narrowed our choices down to 2 preowned Itasca Class A's. The first is 31' 1991 Itasca Sunflyer with 45,000 miles, 460 gas engine. Visually it's in very good condition inside, $15,500. The only negatives I can find are a drivers side power window that doesn't work (will be fixed) the passenger front seat has one control that doesn't work, there is a crack in the front fiberglass bumper (will be fixed) and the generator runs but sounds rough when it's being started.

The second is a 1996 Itasca Sunrise with 35,000 for $27,500, 29' long and very clean inside. It has a Diesel engine and no obvious damage inside or outside the only negative is that it costs $12,000 more. My husband & I aren't mechanical people, any breakdowns will have to be repaired in a shop.

Any thoughts would be very much appreciated!

C Nash

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Which motorhome should I buy? down to 2 choices.

12000 dollars more sounds like a better deal for a 5 year newer and a deisel rv engine if the 2 ft shorter has a floorplan that suits you. What make is the diesel and do they have previous service records? If it has not been serviced properly you might encounter some expensive repairs althpugh a deisel should just be broke in at 35000. How many miles will you be putting on the mh? Do you want the extra power and torque? Diesels generally are much more expensive to repair but tend to give fewer problems.