which one do I get?


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okay, I really don't expect anyone to make this decision for me, but I would like some input. I'm a newbie deciding between a 2005 outback and 2005 trailcruiser. Both are same price, similar floorplan, great condition, seem to meet our needs. We like both, but are not sure on which is better quality. I've seen others ask similar questions on this forum but not get a straight answer. Don't worry, if you recommend one to me and it turns out to be a lemon I won't hold it against you. I've heard and read comments during my research that doesn't necessarily inspire confidence in the keystone, then again others have had good eperiences. Same can be said about the trail lite. So if everything else about these two equally meet our needs and wants, and quality is the only determining factor... which one do I get? Help? Keeping in mind that I am aware that there is no guarantee I'll get a problem free TT, especially used... and I've inquired about a seemingly good deal from an online warranty company in good standing with better business bureau.

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Re: which one do I get?

Personally, I would avoid the Outback. I know Keystone sells a LOT of them, I have come across a lot of people who are not happy. I don't know much about the Trail Cruiser.
Just my opinion....good luck