Which Satellite Antenna/Dome?

Am contemplating the purchase of a rooftop satellite antenna or dome satellite antenna for my 5th wheel. Would like to hear your experiences-"good, bad, or ugly". What works? What doesn't work? (Winter in USA- mostly Arizona, but travel through WA, California, Oregon, Nevada; summer in Canada.) :cool:
Which Satellite Antenna/Dome?

We have had good luck with our crankup satellite dish. You do need a clear shot at the southern sky to bring stations in and a really bad storm with heavy cloud cover will temporarily cause signal to be lost. We carry an extra dish on a tripod for those camp sites where we cant get a clear shot due to trees, bldgs, other rigs, etc. Dont tell your provider when you go to Canada as it is illegal to receive a signal up there but we all do it. If you get too far north, you will loose signal because the satellite will be too low on the horizon. It seems that Direct's satellite is a little higher since we can still receive service when our neighbor with Dish cant. good luck :laugh: