Which satellite dish is best?

I'd sure appreciate some advice on what staellite dish to invest in. We currently have Bell ExpressVu (Canadians), and are about to switch to Star Choice. Our reason? We don't get any channels south of Nogales, and have met up with several others who have Star Choice and get lots of channels.

So I've had mixed reviews of the King Dome and other stationary things similar to it, and see that there are several ranges of prices in tripod-mount dishes with Star Choice, and that's where I'd like to have advice. I'm like a kid at a chocolet=bar counter.

Thanks for reading this, look forward to being part of the forum. (I just joined.)


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Re: Which satellite dish is best?

Welcome to the forum, Marilyn!

What in the heck is "south of Nogales"? You do mean AZ, don't you? :)


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Re: Which satellite dish is best?

Welcome Marilyn

When JamieB (our resident sat guy) checks in , he can give more info than you knew was out there.

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Re: Which satellite dish is best?

Thanks for the welcome. I should have just said Mexico. We RV most of the winter throughout Mexico, and I miss having English TV!


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Re: Which satellite dish is best?


I'm sorry, but I think I am goin to let Darling down here. I really don't have any experience with Star Choice. I will say that while Star Choice will work in Mexico, the signal is tuned for Canada and the Northern US so the farther south you go, the lower the signal strength. When you get to a certain point, you have to start getting a bigger dish to make it work, so a dome system is a bad idea. The reflectors in them are quite small. I don't know about tripod systems for Star Choice, but MotoSAT is making a fully automatic system for Star Choice that will have a .7 meter dish and should work fairly well down into Mexico.

I wish I could give you some advice based on personal experience, but I can't. If you would like to PM me, I can try to help you with any other questions you might have.