Which truck should I get


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This is a bit of an update to an earlier post. We bought a 1995 Jayco Eagle 303RK 5th wheel (30 feet). I have a 1996 GMC SLE 4X4 with a 350 V8 that tows this beast. It actually handles the camper OK, except when you get into any kind of wind or up hills. Then it's a tough climb. So I figured I'd better upgrade my truck for more power, and likely more safety.

Here's what I'm looking at:
2002 F250 Lariat 4X4 Crew cab with 7.3 powerstroke, gvwr 8800 lbs
2002 F350 XLT 4X4 Crew cab with 7.3 Powerstroke, gvwr 9900 lbs, single rear wheel

I just took these specs off my Jayco:
GVWR 10700 lbs
Dry net weight 6490 lbs
Tongue load 1425 lbs
GAWR front 2268 kg (4990 lbs)
GAWR Rear 2268 kg (4990 lbs)

Thats all it has for weight numbers.

There is really no difference in the price of the trucks, one has the lariat pkg with leather, etc, and the one ton XLT just has a bit fewer luxury options, which arent really necessary anyways. Also either one I chose, I am going to put in a chip to increase horsepower, torque and mileage.

So, to my question....which one should I get?? Am I fine with the 3/4 ton, or am I going to be kicking myself for not getting the 1 ton? They both can tow the same total weight of 12500 lbs

Thanks for any replies!!


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Which truck should I get

Always buy the biggest truck puller you can afford. You never know when you will want a heavier RV. Happens all the time (to me).


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Which truck should I get

Hi guys. Thanks for your replies. I bought the F350. It's ready today. I also got them to install a chip that adds about 50 hp and increases mileage by about 3-4 mpg. Can't wait to hook onto my 5th wheel tonight!


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Which truck should I get

Hi all. Just a quick update about the truck. When I hooked it up to my 5th wheel, the rear of the truck sits too hogh, creating too much of an angle on the fifth wheel. Explained this to the dealer. They said its a common problem. There are 4 " blocks between the axle and the frame on the F350. They replaced them with 2" blocks and what a difference it made! The unit leveled out quite nicely now - no fear of the fifth wheel hitting the box of the truck, even on rough terrain or potholes, climbing or going down banks, etc.

As far as pulling, what a difference. I don't even know the 5th wheel is on. I can pull in overdrive, set the cruise control at 102 Km/H, and away I go! And there's lots of reserve power to pass too. In fact on the way home from camping last weekend, I pulled out and passed a chev duramax 2500 hd crew cab pulling about the same length of 5th whell as me. Sweet! He was going about 95 km/h, I pulled out to pass, next thing you know I'm going 120! I'm very happy with my choice.

Thanks to everyone for their input.

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Which truck should I get

Uzzi, cut out this race talk now or I will have to go get one of them Duramax chevys and take you on. Got a v10 ford MH and the only way I could get it to run was put a piece of tape over that ford emblem on the steering wheel and glue a bowtie on. Upped the power and gas milage and made me feel a lot better. Congrats on your purchase

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Which truck should I get

I believe the only difference from 350 to 250 is the 2 and 4 inch blocks. Go look at them at dealer. same amount of leaf springs,look same thickness,every thing else looks same.Correct me if im wrong.


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Which truck should I get

Hi again. Actually, the difference between the 250 and the 350 is GVWR. The 250 is rated at 8800 lbs and the 350 single rear wheel is rated 9900, while the dually is rated around 11500 lbs.

I'm no expert, but I don't think a 4" block can add an extra 1100 lbs (as compared to a 2" block). I think the suspension must be a bit stiffer for the difference. The price difference is marginal (about 800 CDN) When I changed the blocks, it was covered by warranty, but they said it is about a 200 bill. If thats the case, then if you want 350 suspension, why wouldnt you just buy the 250 and add the 4" blocks. Also, by removing the 4" blocks and replacing with 2" blocks isnt changing the GVWR. So it's definitely got nothing (or not much) to do with the blocks.

Still love my Ford. I was always a Chev or Toyota guy. But it's pretty tough not to love this truck with the crew cab and the 7.3 PSD!!

Which truck should I get

I have a 2002 f250 and it will easily hold 1,000 over gvw without squating much. I think they just put a 4 inch block to look taller and just change the gvw on 350.like i said go to dealer and look at both. You will see they look same.I don't think the 350 has magic springs.The 450 has extra leafs on it.
Which truck should I get

Did some searching on ford-diesel.com web site and the experts say starting with 2002 model year, the only difference is 4 inch blocks and gvw sticker. They added dana 60 front axle instead of dana 50 and 350 rear springs to 250 starting 2002. the rest of drive train is same.Also breaks are same. But tell that to officer who stops you for being over.
Which truck should I get

Yeah, like I said before, I'm definitely no expert. But I'm not sure how Ford can get away with simply changing the GVWR sticker on the 2 trucks if noting else is different (besides the 4" blocks)

Just doesnt make any sense to me. Why would anyone then buy the 350 over the 250 if they are identical trucks except for the blocks?

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Which truck should I get

Hi, not sure either but i bet its cost effective to make parts the same instead of having different parts for both trucks in production. Thats the way companies look at things today.
Which truck should I get

Hello! :) Sounds like to me that there is probably more to this than meets the eye. different Differential gear? taller gears in the Trans?Stiffer suspension? The diesel is also part of the difference! Lots of low-end torque that you don't get with a Gas engine. JMHO